Liquid Moroccan Gold Black Soap Great benefits for Hair

Moroccan Gold Black Soap is an antibacterial, anti-oxidant, anti-fungal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory Shampoo and Conditioner all in one! The black soap that Afri-Berry use is raw African black soap, 100% natural and it is free from chemicals, dyes, preservative sand synthetic fragrances so it is ideal for sensitive skin and hair types. It is a natural source of the vitamins A and E, omega 3+6+9.  It also contains iron oxides and it has natural healing properties.  It is one of those lost hair “miracle growth” products.  It doesn’t “magically” grow your hair, but because of all of its healing vitamins and minerals, it makes it very hard for your hair not to thrive and grow.

Moroccan Gold Black Soap what it helps for?

Moroccan Gold black Soap is known to help cure and treat a wide range of scalp and skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rashes, dandruff, dry and itchy skin, insect bites, bumps, cuts and wounds caused by various skin conditions.

The vitamin E in the soap is largely a part of why this soap is so effective at treating and healing such conditions.  This soap is enriched Vitamin E, which aids in the healing process and keeping scalp and skin bright, healthy, rejuvenated and clean and it keeps your hair shiny, soft and moisturized.

Moroccan Gold Black Soap is great at keeping your hair moisturized because it contains a high amount argan oil.  Argan oil absorbs moisture right from the air and applies it right onto your hair and scalp.  Argan oil keeps the moisture in your hair, which keeps it soft, malleable, and strong.  Moisture keeps our hair from being dry, weak and brittle, which contributes to hair damage and hair loss.a

Moroccan Gold Black Soap, What does it do?

Black soap is a gentle exfoliator that gives our scalp a deep clean, which is essential for keeping our scalp cleansed and stripped of any debris that may be clogging the hair follicles and pores, yet keeping our. It removes excess oils from the scalp and hair, without removing essential natural oils in our scalp and on our hair, which keeps the moisture in our hair and reduces dryness and damage.

 Junior Editor – Michelle Stewart


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