Traction Alopecia is curable…..

10488200_850699458330347_4923877974219290206_nTraction alopecia.. its name – quite literally – means hair loss due to traction (or pulling). And whilst you may associate the word ‘alopecia’ with uncontrollable, devastating hair loss, the good news is that THIS type of hair loss is entirely within your control. You can not only stop it from happening, you can prevent its ever returning, too! Keep your hairline moist and hydrated by using the Afri-Berry JBCO daily…

One thought on “Traction Alopecia is curable…..

  1. your product seems to be working guys bt why does it take so long about 12months for hair to grow back. secondly how long does it take for strech marks to improve if they ever do cos i believe it’s damaged skin. I like your product though. thanks


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